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Masters in Transport Management

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The department of management sciences started as a service department and has grown into a full fledge department. The postgraduate programs has been designed to provide advanced training (course work and research) in those areas of transport Management which are relevant to the industrial development of our state and the nation in general. Transport is crucial in all aspects of the economic and political studies. Graduates in transport management are in high demand by a wide variety of industries, Non – governmental organization, state and federal Government. The programs is designed to solve the myriad of the seemingly intractable problems currently plaguing our nation transport sector. Also, career opportunities in the academia are excellent for PhD. Graduate and qualified high level personnel in Transport Management in our newly established private and public tertiary institutions across the country.


The objective of the postgraduate progammes are as follow:

1. To provide an education through research and examinations leading to a post-gradual degree in Transport Management

2. To foster investigation and research in the development and improvement of the transport sector of Nigeria development in particular, and the developing countries in general.

3. To provide students with sufficient knowledge and skill to work competently in varied planning/management position in the public and private sectors, and solid intellectual and methodological foundation for the graduate as they move ion their professional careers and assume increasing challenging positions in transport management.

4. To expose student to both theoretical and practical aspects of transport and logistic management which exchange effective participations in national and regional development programmes

5. To produce seasoned lectures that will teach transport in Nigeria tertiary institutions and provide the student with ample opportunities to show case his/her research capability by going into indepth research in carefully selected areas of specialization.


The postgraduate programmes will lead to the award of Master of Technology (M.Tech.), Master of philosophy (M.Phi.) and Doctor of philosophy (phD) degree in any of the following four areas of specialization.

1. Logistics Management

2. Air and Aviation Management

3. Maritime/Shipping Management

4. Overland Transport Management


The department is one of the departments within the faculty of Engineering and Technology of the University. It however has facilities fir its independent usage in form of:

i) Well Equipped Library.

ii) Well Equipped Laboratory

iii) Computer Facility

iv) Qualified Resources Personnel

Furthermore generalized University facilities in form of the central Library an inter-collegiate/faculties use of academic personnel ate at the disposal of the department.


1. Master of Technology (M,.Tech.) in Transport Management

2. Master of philosophy (M. Phill.) in Transport Management

3. Doctor of Philosophy (phD) in Transport Management


M. TECH. (Transport Management)

(a) Admission requirements

The programme leading to the award of M. Tech degree is open to the following applicants:

i) Every candidate must have five credit passes including English and Mathematics at 0’ level as basic requirement

ii) Holder of bachelor’s degree of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology or any other recognized University who have obtained at least a second class lower degree in either Transport Management or studies, Social and Management Science, Engineering or Environmental Studies.

iii) Holders of Professional Master in Transport Management (MTM) of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology with not less than 60% weighted average.

iv) Candidates may be require to satisfy the department in a selection process.

(b) Programme Duration

The minimum period for the M.Tech. Programme shall be 3 semester (2 semesters for course work and the remaining one semester for project) and maximum of six (6) semester for full time student.

(c) Degree Requirements

To obtain an M.Tech in Transport Management, a candidate must:

1) Satisfy a minimum of 50 units, made up as follows:

? 36 units of compulsory courses

? 8 units of elective courses

? 6 units of research project

Satisfy all other requirements as stipulated in the regulation of the school of postgraduate studies.

(d) Examination and Assessment

Examination of all prescribed subjects will consist of 3 hours papers. The candidates will sit for the end of the semester during which the subject are offered. A continuous assessment of up to 30% is expected to constitute part of the final grade in all the courses. A thesis based on the original research work on the approved project shall be submitted by each candidate who will also be required to pass an oral examination in line with the regulations of the school of postgraduate studies.

The level of performance in any examination will be assessed to the following grading system.

70 and above A
70-69 B
50-59 C
45-49 D
0-44 E

Weighted Point Average (W.P.A)

60 and above Ph. D Grade

55-59.9 M.Phil/phD Grade

50-54.9 M.Phil Grade

45-49.9 Terminal Grade

0-44.9 Fail

M.Phil. (Transport Management)

The programme leading to the award of M.Phil. degree is open to candidates who scored below 54.9% but not less than 50% weighted average in their M.Tech programme or equivalent. Such is therefore require to fulfill the following requirement to be awarded the degree:

? Satisfy the course work requirement prescribed by the department depending on such deficiency

? Satisfy all other exiting requirements as stipulated in the regulations of the postgraduate school.

ph. D (Transport Management )

(a) M. phil/phD Requirement

A candidate with an M.Tech degree in Transport Management or its equivalent with a minimum weighted of 55% and maximum of 59.9% can be admitted to this programme . Such is therefore required to fulfill the following requirements to proceed to phD programme:

* satisfy the course work requirements prescribed by the department depending on such deficiency.

* satisfy all another existing requirement as stipulated in the regulations of the postgraduate school.

(b) PhD requirement

The programme leading to the Award of Doctor of Philosophy degree is open to candidates holding the Master’s degree from either the Ladoke University of Technology or any other recognized universities with a weighted average score of not less than 60%. To obtain a PhD in Transport Management, a candidate must:

? Satisfy the course work and seminar requirements prescribed by the department.

? Submit a thesis on approved project. He/She shall be required to pass oral examination. The board of examination shall be constituted according to the regulation of the postgraduate school.

? Satisfy all other existing requirement as stipulated in the regulations of the postgraduate school.


The PhD programme shall be full-time studies and last not less than four semesters, or two academic sessions and a maximum of 8 semesters.

On the expiration of the maximum duration, a candidate may apply in writing for an extension of not less than two semesters, after which his/her studentship will lapse.

List of Teaching Staff

1. Dr. J.O Adewoye B.Sc., PGD, MBA, MCPN, PhD Economics, E-commerce Operation Management, Public Finance. Snr. Lecture/Ag Head of Dept.
2. Prof. B.A Oyelere B.Sc., M.Sc, Ph.D. Operation Research, Quantitative in Management, Mathematics and Statistics Mgt. Professor
3. Prof. A.S Ogunsiji B. Sc., MBA, Phd Marketing/Physical Distribution Mgt, Strategic Mgt. Professor
4. Prof. B.A Badejo B.Sc; MUCP, Ph.D; MCILT, RTP, MNITP Transport Planning and Logistic Management Associate Professor
5. Dr. J.A Ojekunle B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD, MCILT, MNITP Transport Planning Lecturer I
6. Prof. A.A Ogunsanya B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Phil/Ph.D, FCILT, MWCTRS. Transport Planning Maritime & Transport Management Associate Professor
7. Professor S.O. Fadare B.Sc, MURP, PhD, MNITP, RTP Transport Planning Associate Professor
8. Dr. G.T. Arosanyin B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D, MCILT, AMINM Transport Economics and Safety Associate Senior Lecturer
9. Prof. M.O. Ilori B.Sc.,, Ph.D Technology Management Associate Professor
10. Dr. N.B.Tanimowo B.Sc., MURP. Ph.D Transport Planning Associate Professor
11. Dr. K.T. Gbadamosi B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD Transport Planning  

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